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The purpose of the foundation is to promote scientific teaching and research to promote forestry in Sweden. Forestry in North Sweden is primarily to be promoted. Grants can be given to such research and experimental activities that can lead to increased growth of, and an increase in, the quality of the forests raw materials.

About the foundationFormation and founders

The foundation was established in 1986 by the spouses Anna and Nils Håkansson, Östersund, Sweden, to promote the forestry in Sweden, primarily the inland of North Sweden.

Nils Håkansson

Nils Håkansson (1912-1998) was born in Månsåsen and spent most of his life in Jämtland. He began his career at Gärdsta Diversehandel, which he took over in 1934. Early on, he developed an interest in forestry and gradually acquired several properties in Mid-Northern Sweden. His emphasis on top-notch forestry management became widely recognized and was even awarded with diplomas. Nils also operated several small sawmills before becoming a co-owner with Sven O Persson and the CEO of Bonäshamns Sågverk. In the late 1950s, he built the first particleboard factory in Northern Sweden in Lockne; the factory was later acquired by Byggelit. In his later years, Nils operated a logging business with a primary market in Norway. Nils Håkansson was also a long-time board member of Jämtlands Folkbank and contributed to, among other things, the bank opening offices in Stockholm. He was also a board member and, for a time, chairman of Länsförsäkringsbolaget. His creativity and thoughtfulness led to him being frequently called upon for matters of trust.

Anna Håkansson

Anna Håkansson (1915-2005) was raised in Gärdsta and received her education in Östersund, Sweden. One of her many areas of activity was weaving, with a particular focus on traditional patterns. As an active photographer, she had the opportunity to archive her great interest in people, their stories, and gardens. Anna placed great importance on preserving cultural heritage and, for example, organized a permanent exhibition of traditional bridal costumes at Marby Gammalgård. Anna Håkansson was a member of Östersunds Frivilliga Kyrkokör (voluntary church choir), which often went on singing trips. For a period, she also served as a church warden at Marielundskyrkan. She was known as a cheerful and considerate person.

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We welcome younger applicants at the beginning of their careers, where grants can be sought for pilot studies, travel grants, and other expenses in existing projects.
A typical grant ranges between 50,000 to 100,000 Swedish kronor. Usually, grants are awarded for one year.

The foundation normally receives and reviews research applications once a year. Applications should be received by the foundation by February 15.
-> The foundation is currently open for applications outside the normal application window.

The application should be made on the application form (download below).
See contact details/email provided in the application form or at bottom of this page.

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Contact persons for the foundation are:
Hans Göran Isaksson (research applications, admin and other practical questions), and
Eric Östlund (financial matters, management of grants etc.)

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